Price List
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Alto: StdMetallic247,306
Alto: StdNon Metallic243,582
Alto: LXMetallic281,806
Alto: LXNon Metallic278,082
Alto: LXiMetallic304,306
Alto: LXiNon Metallic300,582
Alto - K10: LXiMetallic325,889
Alto - K10: LXiNon Metallic322,165
Alto - K10: VXiMetallic339,130
Alto - K10: VXiNon Metallic335,405
A-Star: LXiMetallic385,792
A-Star: LXiNon Metallic382,067
A-Star: VXiMetallic417,031
A-Star: VXiNon Metallic413,306
A-Star: VXi (AT)Metallic470,860
A-Star: VXi (AT)Non Metallic467,136
A-Star: ZXiMetallic442,423
A-Star: ZXiNon Metallic438,698
Eeco: 5 STR Std.Metallic309,608
Eeco: 5 STR Std.Non Metallic306,569
Eeco: 5 STR ACMetallic339,652
Eeco: 7 STR Std.Metallic326,653
Ertiga: LXIMetallic599,901
Ertiga: VXIMetallic670,901
Ertiga: VXI ABSMetallic678,901
Ertiga: LDIMetallic740,901
Ertiga: VDIMetallic805,901
Ertiga: ZDIMetallic845,901
Estilo: LXMetallic350,425
Estilo: LXNon Metallic346,700
Estilo: LXiMetallic382,458
Estilo: LXiNon Metallic378,733
Estilo: VXiMetallic410,040
Estilo: VXiNon Metallic406,315
Gypsy: KING STMetallic591,073
Gypsy: KING STNon Metallic587,758
Gypsy: KING HTMetallic605,487
Gypsy: KING HTNon Metallic602,172
Kizashi: Manual TransmissionMetallic1,694,316
Kizashi: Automatic TransmissionMetallic1,796,882
Omni: 8 STRMetallic252,041
Omni: 8 STRNon Metallic249,002
Omni: 5 STRMetallic250,174
Omni: 5 STRNon Metallic247,316
Omni: CARGONon Metallic223,370
Omni: AMBULANCENon Metallic282,808
Ritz: LXiMetallic432,711
Ritz: VXiMetallic467,730
Ritz: LDiMetallic542,586
Ritz: VDiMetallic575,104
Swift: LXiMetallic449,367
Swift: VXiMetallic494,480
Swift: ZXiMetallic577,578
Swift: LDiMetallic558,733
Swift: VDiMetallic600,492
Swift: ZDiMetallic688,344
Swift Dzire: LXiMetallic492,901
Swift Dzire: VXiMetallic554,044
Swift Dzire: ZXiMetallic644,778
Swift Dzire: LDiMetallic600,547
Swift Dzire: VDiMetallic667,207
Swift Dzire: ZDiMetallic751,133
SX4: VXiMetallic722,686
SX4: ZXiMetallic800,980
SX4: VDiMetallic828,388
SX4: ZDiMetallic917,852
Wagon-R: LXMetallic362,476
Wagon-R: LXNon Metallic358,751
Wagon-R: LXiMetallic392,610
Wagon-R: LXiNon Metallic388,885
Wagon-R: VXiMetallic418,000
Wagon-R: VXiNon Metallic414,275
 * Prices and Schemes subject to change without any prior information.
 * Prices and Schemes applicable at the time of invoicing.
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